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The ‘next industrial revolution’

Nanotechnology is going to be a major driving force behind the impending technological revolution in the 21st century. Both private and public sector spendings are constantly increasing. The size of the market for nanotechnology products is already comparable to the biotechnology sector, while the expected growth rates over the next few years are far higher.

Nanotechnology manufacturing is a fundamentally new process in which structures are built from the bottom up, one atom at a time.

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Nanotechnology has the potential of producing new materials and products that may revolutionize all areas of life. Nanotechnology protagonists believe that nanotechnology will provide unsurpassed benefits for the society.

Meanwhile, its antagonists believe that nanotechnology may pose serious health and environmental risks and advocate that the precautionary principle should govern the development and deployment of such products. Although it is difficult to predict precisely how nanotechnology will impact society, current understanding, under either the spectacular benefit or the serious risk scenarios, presages a huge impact on society in areas that include the environment, healthcare, energy, and electronics.

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Professor Ashok Adya - The Nanotechnology Revolution

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Skip to Main Content. Understanding the Nanotechnology Revolution Author s : Prof. Edward L. Wolf Manasa Medikonda. First published: 3 April About this book A unique introduction for general readers to the underlying concepts of nanotechnology, covering a wide spectrum ranging from biology to quantum computing.

Nanotechnology Paves Way for Coming Scientific Revolution

The material is presented in the simplest possible way, including a few mathematical equations, but not mathematical derivations. It also outlines as simply as possible the major contributions to modern technology of physics-based nanophysical devices, such as the atomic clock, global positioning systems, and magnetic resonance imaging. As a result, readers are able to establish a connection between nanotechnology and day-to-day applications, as well as with advances in information technology based on fast computers, the internet, dense data storage, Google searches, and new concepts for renewable energy harvesting.

Also of interest to professionals working in law, finance, or teaching who wish to understand nanotechnology in a broad context, and as general reading for electrical, chemical and computer engineers, materials scientists, applied physicists and mathematicians, as well as for students of these disciplines.

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  5. Author Bios Edward Wolf is Professor of Physics at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU, with teaching experience in modern physics, solid state physics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, and elementary physics. He has designed graduate courses on Nanoelectronics, Alternative Energy, and Nanotechnology on different levels. Ed Wolf is author of successful textbooks which have appeared in several editions, a audio lecture course on Nanotechnology, and a monograph on Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy.

    Professor Wolf has conducted research in solid state physics, scanning tunneling microscopy, electron tunneling spectroscopy and superconductivity, and published over refereed publications.