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The Scots. As historian and author Arthur Herman reveals, in the 18th and 19th centuries Scotland made crucial contributions to science, philosophy, literature, education, medicine, commerce, and politics - contributions that have formed and nurtured the modern West ever since. This book is not just about Scotland: it is an exciting account of the origins of the modern world. Explore the captivating life of William Wallace! You might recognize him from Mel Gibson's film Braveheart.

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Sir William Wallace c. Born as the landless younger son of a minor nobleman Sir Malcolm Wallace , his startling rise to become a military and historical legend, an exemplary patriot, and a national hero is an embodiment of the underdog narrative that many people identify with in film and real life. It's naturally easier to learn something when it's set to rhythmic music, so that is exactly what we've done. Rhythms put your mind painlessly to work: you don't even need to focus! Simple words and phrases are set to a varied pattern of rhythms and music designed to help you learn and to keep you engaged so that you won't just switch off after five minutes.

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Even when it wasn't raining, it was about to rain, or had just rained. It's a very angry sky. Scotland is a fascinating and ancient land filled with history. It has produced explorers, warriors, inventors, writers, and more than a few murderers.

Hidden and Haunted tour - Excellent! - Mercat Tours

For many centuries, it fought bitter wars against England to maintain its independence, and even when those wars were finally lost, Scotland retained its distinct culture and identity. Though a part of the United Kingdom, it would be a mistake to lump it in with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as Scotland has its own tales to tell and traditions to maintain. Not everything in Scotland is as it appears, however.

Some of those tales are downright grisly. Scotland has always been a rival to its southern neighbor, and the rivalry extends to the number of hauntings in its medieval castles, stately homes, and old cobblestone streets. While many Englishmen claim that their country is the most haunted, the Scots can point to their own stories of ghosts as evidence they may beat the English in this dubious distinction.

The Ghosts of Scotland: A Collection of Ghost Stories Across the Scottish Nation is a collection of such tales, just a few among the thousands of local legends and modern sightings that make Scotland one of the most haunted countries in the world. For other strange occurrences in Scotland, ranging from Nessie to jelly falling from the sky, check out another title in the series, Weird Scotland: Monsters, Mysteries, and Magic Across the Scottish Nation. You will learn about the ghosts of Scotland like never before. Anyone who's seen a ghost stories documentary on TV has heard these ghost stories.

They aren't told in a particularly scary sense but it's not terrible either. Thus was kind of boring. The book should have had more buildup and better descriptions so that we really felt like we were experiencing the hauntings ourselves. Could habe been better written.

This was definitely interesting. But it felt more like a collection of facts than stories. I was expecting more of a storytelling atmosphere I guess. The narration is well done but would have been much helped by the addition of music and even perhaps some sound effects. Nonetheless it was still interesting. I wasn't expecting a history lesson with the stories and have to say it lended itself well to the appeal of this book.

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Very enjoyable and fun. According to Smithsonian Mag , this horrifying event started a year project to move bodies from Paris's cemeteries down into the city's former limestone quarries, eventually packing the underground tunnels with some 6 million bodies. Today, about a mile of the subterranean labyrinth is open to visitors, who can take tours of the tunnels and artfully arranged displays of bones.

Built in to encourage tourism and sell train tickets, this chateau-style hotel sits pretty by the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park. But it gets a tad more Gothic once you get inside—and we aren't talking about the architecture. The Calgary Herald has reported several resident ghosts, including a bride who supposedly fell down the stone staircase during her wedding.

His spirit supposedly pulls shifts helping people with their bags before disappearing. From the moment a military technician captured a photograph of a "UFO" hovering over the forest in , Hoia-Baciu has gained paranormal notoriety around the world, with some believing it to be a portal that causes visitors to disappear. Those who have passed through the forest without being zapped into another realm, have reported rashes, nausea, and feelings of anxiety, according to The Independent. Known as the "Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania," the spooky curved trees that populate the forest just add to the eerie atmosphere.

Less than half a mile from the canals of Venice, Poveglia Island has served as a quarantine zone for bubonic plague victims, storage space for Napoleon's weapons, and the site of an early 20th-century insane asylum. The asylum played host to horrific medical experiments, reports The Travel Channel , and finally closed for good when a doctor threw himself off the institution's bell tower.

Locals still claim to hear echoing chimes from the island—even though the bell was removed decades ago. It's illegal to visit Poveglia today, but you can see the island and decaying hospital safely from the beaches of nearby Lido. While it might look more like a horror movie set, the chinampa akin to an artificial island used to be the residence of a now-deceased man named Julian Santa Barrera. After finding a dead girl's body in a nearby canal, Barrera collected and displayed the toys in the hopes of warding off evil spirits, reports National Geographic.

Daring souls can hire their own boat and view the island safely from the water. During the war, many harsh interrogations, tortures, and violent executions occurred within the building's walls—all of which contribute to its current status as one of Indonesia's most haunted sites, says the country's Ministry of Tourism.

1. House of Dun

Tourists are free to visit the abandoned site today, perhaps to confirm whether the many circulating ghost stories tied to Lawang Sewu have any truth to them. The entire city of Savannah is pretty much one giant ghost story, due in large part to the mysterious tunnels that run below the town's streets.

The underground structures play a major role in many of Savannah's most haunted locations, including Forsyth Park, the fountained green space you probably recognize from a postcard or two. According to Savannah Magazine , doctors at the adjacent Candler Hospital now the Savannah Law School performed autopsies in the tunnels below. Built somewhere between the 13th and late 15th century, this Irish castle has seen more gruesome deaths than a Game of Thrones wedding.

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As legend has it, during a struggle for power within the O'Carroll clan which had a fondness for poisoning dinner guests , one member plunged a sword into his brother—a priest—as he was holding mass in the castle's chapel. The room is now called "The Bloody Chapel," and the priest is said to haunt the church at night. The horror doesn't end there—at least not according to the macabre history outlined on Leap Castle's website.

During renovations in the early s, workmen found a secret dungeon in the Bloody Chapel with so many human skeletons, they filled three cartloads when hauled away. The dungeon was designed so that prisoners would fall through a trap door, have their lungs punctured by wooden spikes on the ground, and die a slow, horrific death within earshot of the sinister clan members above.

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest in American history, with somewhere around 50, young men dying in the three-day conflict. Many of the soldiers never received a proper burial after their untimely deaths, and some believe the souls of these men now wander the field to look for their weapons and comrades. There have even been several photographs taken over the years that seem to show some of the phantom figures—including the ghost of Robert E. A sprawling building near the shoreline of Table Bay, the Castle of Good Hope dates back to , making it the oldest colonial building in South Africa.

Originally built by the Dutch East India Company as a replenishment station for ships, the site also served as a military fortress and prison during the Second Boer War from Today, you can tour the fort's many rooms and buildings including the gruesome torture chamber but you might want to prepare yourself for a ghost sighting.

Back in the s, Governor Pieter van Noodt condemned several men to be hanged to death; one of the men cursed the governor from the gallows, and van Noodt died of a heart attack later that day. According to the Castle of Good Hope's official website , his ghost has been haunting the battlements ever since. Thomas Whaley built this family estate in , on the former site of San Diego 's first public gallows. Shortly after he moved in, he reported hearing the heavy footsteps of "Yankee" Jim Robinson, a drifter and thief who was hanged on the site four years before the house was built.

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Whaley's family history ended up being filled with tragic deaths and suicides—many of which occurred inside the home itself. According to the Whaley House Museum , some of the family members still haunt the landmark, often accompanied by cigar smoke and the smell of heavy perfume. This seemingly serene forest at the foot of Mount Fuji has a tormented past.

Others point towards large underground deposits of iron, which interfere with compasses and make it easy to get lost. In fact, many hikers will mark their path with tape or string to make it easier to find their way back out again. Port Arthur began as a penal colony in , housing British convicts until it was abandoned in During those decades, the island—touted as "inescapable"—focused on correcting the inmates' morality, using methods like solitary confinement and mandatory church services.

The settlement has been a destination for curious tourists since the time of its abandonment, and was officially preserved as a historical site in Motoring Ford Focus Titanium X 1. In this road test, you can find out all about the spec, performance and price of the Flair PureTech model. Motoring Features Stop the hot air and deal with climate change Our columnist John Curtis wonders why governments across the globe aren't doing more than just talk about the environmental emergency we all face. Most Read Most Recent. Fernando Ricksen Fernando Ricksen's wife reveals Rangers hero's final selfless act of courage in heartbreaking interview The year-old pleaded with Veronika to stay away from his bedside so she wouldn't have to suffer the horror of watching his final days battling motor neurone disease.

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10 Strange Paranormal Stories From Scotland

Top Stories. Fernando Ricksen Fernando Ricksen's wife reveals daughter's last loving message to her Rangers hero dad Veronika tearfully recalls how little Isabella wanted her father to be proud and know she was a sporting winner too after her triumph in a tenpin bowling game. Fernando Ricksen Rangers hero Fernando Ricksen's ashes to be scattered in Caribbean Sea Fernando's wife Veronika revealed her husband had made the request after enjoying precious holidays on the islands there.

Police Scotland Cops hunt firebugs after early morning River Leven boat blaze sinks cruiser The incident is understood to have taken place in the early hours of September Car crashes Forfar boss Jim Weir says car that hit him in near fatal crash had its headlights off Jim was travelling with his assistant Barry Sellars when another vehicle came out of the darkness on the M9.

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