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Beginning Lua Programming Programmer to Programmer. Recommend Documents. Professional Outlook Programming Programmer to Programmer ffirs. Nowicki Alec Cove Wiley Publishing Your name.

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Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. One of the more recent directions of Linux appears to have been to simplify the user experience, in order to make it more familiar and friendly to Windows users.

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After all, enticing users from Windows to the joys of Linux can hardly be a bad thing, right? Originally a haven for coders, flavors that aim to simplify Linux for users can result in problems for more experienced users.

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Too many programs and software addons can result in interference and bugs being introduced when trying to code your own programming. This can especially be a problem for developers who need as much of an uncluttered work space as possible - or at the very least, as little interference as possible from other applications. So while making Linux attractive for a wider user base has its uses, it also has its limitations.

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This is one reason why some distros look to ensure the experience can be either simplified or more customized. This means only the most necessary software boots up, or can be selected to do so, leaving plenty of room and resources for user programming,.

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  5. We'll therefore take a look at some of the more flexible flavors that allow a greater feature range than just appealing to the newer user, and so allow for a much more personalized experience. Arch Linux offers a powerful level of customisation during setup, allowing you to download and install only the packages you need. While this is definitely not for newbies to coding, the fact you can install only a minimal number of programs on your machine using the Arch Build System and Arch User Repository, reduces the possibility of anything interfering with your coding.

    This means, for instance, that you can install a barebones window manager like i3 to be certain your system will respond quickly when using your chosen text editor. If you run into difficulty, the Arch Linux Wiki offers a helpful installation guide.

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    Debian is one of the oldest Linux distros and is built with stability in mind. Packages are carefully selected and tested for inclusion in the 'Stable' branch of Debian meaning that while some may be dated, there's very little chance of system instability, making this OS ideal for programmers. The Debian website has extensive manuals, including a chapter on programming talking you through the basics of creating a script, compiling it, and using Autoconf to allow your scripts to be compiled on other Linux distros.

    Raspbian is the default operating system which is included with the Raspberry Pi. As the Pi was designed as an educational tool, Raspbian is the perfect OS for those interested in getting started with coding.

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    The Raspberry Pi website hosts some impressive guides on using the visual programming tool Scratch , which is used to create animations and games. There's also an excellent section on getting started with Python, which is supported out of the box. Jon made UK history by becoming one of the youngest University students the country had ever seen, at the tender age of just Having been through college twice by the time his peers were completing their first time around, and having been published over times in a wide range of technical magazines, journals and books, Jon went on to work for a variety of multinational technology companies.

    When not working on Enterprise Linux software for Red Hat, Jon likes to drink tea on Boston Common and read the collective works of Thomas Paine and other great American Revolutionaries of a bygone age. He dreams of a time when the world was driven not by electrons, but by wooden sailing ships and a universal struggle for the birth of modern nations.

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    He plays the violin, and occasionally sings in choral ensembles, for which he has won several awards. For relaxation, Jon enjoys engaging in a little rock climbing. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just across the river Charles from historic Boston, and enjoys every minute of it. Jon has extensive experience in speaking about and training people to use a wide variety of Linux technologies and enjoys actively participating in many Linux User Groups the world over.